At Radiology Muskegon, our radiologists continually review and revise diagnostic medical imaging protocols to ensure that the imaging test(s) you order for your patients are the most appropriate imaging exams to aid in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of your patients. Our radiologists undergo specific training in radiology quality assurance and participate in quality assurance committees to meet national quality assurance standards and requirements. As part of ongoing process improvement, our radiologists regularly consult peers, engage in continuing medical education and educate radiology support staff. In doing so, we are able to provide the most appropriate, safe and effective medical imaging exams for your patients. Our radiologists also continually revise and implement strategies aimed at reducing radiation dose, reducing unnecessary imaging and reducing costs incurred by the patient.

Our imaging and procedural protocols are established using evidence-based criteria as a guideline. Our radiologists continually review and revise our imaging protocols and welcome input from our clinical peers and support staff to ensure effective protocol design. Our radiologists can also create unique patient-specific imaging protocols to help you accurately and effectively diagnose and treat your patients.

If you have questions regarding the selection of an appropriate imaging exam for your patient, the following resources are available to assist you. Our physicians and staff are readily available to provide assistance you may need for selecting or designing a custom imaging exam. Contact us today, let us help you!

The American College of Radiology (ACR) is an excellent source of radiology-related information for referring clinicians. The ACR has published Appropriateness Criteria® for physicians requesting an imaging exam to assist in the selection of the most appropriate exam for a specific clinical condition. Following these criteria to guide appropriate imaging selection will reduce unnecessary imaging, reduce radiation exposure and improve cost effectiveness. is an excellent source of radiology-related information and educational materials for patients, physicians and other medical personnel.