Radiology Muskegon provides many diagnostic medical imaging services and some interventional procedural services for scheduled outpatients at our outpatient facilities. The provided imaging and interventional services vary by facility location. General diagnostic imaging exams such as x-rays, bone densitometry and mammograms do not require an appointment and can be performed at our outpatient clinics with a physician request for the exam. More advanced imaging services and interventional procedure requests require a physician order, review of the request for appropriateness and a scheduled appointment. If the request is approved and protocol criteria are met, the patient is scheduled for exam or procedure as soon as achievable. If the request for an imaging exam or interventional procedure is deemed inappropriate for the patient-specific disease condition, the reviewing radiology personnel will usually provide feedback or recommend an alternate exam or procedure.

A request for an outpatient radiology medical imaging exam or interventional procedure can be entered electronically through the Mercy Health intranet by the requesting physician over a secure website. Requests can also be made by directly calling or faxing the the medical imaging department at each facility. Once a request for an imaging exam or interventional procedure has been received and approved, centralized scheduling (231 672-4800) will contact the requesting physician or patient to schedule the exam.

For your convenience, each Mercy Health Muskegon affiliated imaging facility website and imaging services provided for outpatients at each location are provided below:

Mercy Health Health Pavilion


Mercy Health Lakes Village Comprehensive Breast Center

IMAGING REGISTRATION: (231) 727-7966 or (231) 727-7926

Mercy Health Mercy Hospital Campus


Mercy Health Lakeshore Hospital Campus


Mercy Health Lakes Village Outpatient Imaging