Prior to a scheduled imaging exam or interventional procedure, patients may be required to prepare for the exam or procedure. The necessary preparation depends on the type of exam or procedure performed. To avoid potential delay or cancellation of an imaging exam or interventional procedure, patients should be notified of the preparation required in advance of the service. After formal request and approval of a radiology service, the patient may be contacted directly by centralized scheduling or our radiology staff to notify them of the required preparation for the exam. When you discuss the need for a medical imaging service or interventional procedure with your patient, you may be asked “What do I need to do for the exam?”.

In an effort to assist you, we have included a comprehensive listing of our services with each link providing a detailed description of the service and additional exam-specific information that may be helpful for you and your patients. is an excellent online resource designed to provide physicians and patients information about the preparation required for a specific imaging exam or interventional procedure.

If you require additional  information, you can contact our radiology support staff or radiologist directly to further assist you.