Radiology Muskegon and Mercy Health Partner employees comply with safety standards and regulations enforced by local, state and federal accrediting agencies. Our radiologists are responsible for overseeing day to day operations within the radiology imaging facilities, evaluating radiology equipment to determine the need for maintenance, training radiology technologists and supervising radiology nurses administering conscious sedation services to patients. Radiologists and their support staff collaborate to ensure a safe imaging environment for patients requiring imaging services and minimize risk for patients requiring an interventional procedure.

Our comprehensive approach to improving and maintaining patient safety during imaging and interventional procedures includes:

  • Collaboration with radiation physicist to incorporate strategies for radiation dose reduction to patients and staff
  • Evaluation of all requests for imaging and interventional services to reduce unnecessary imaging
  • Continual training of radiology technologists
  • Direct supervision of radiology nurses providing conscious sedation and monitoring services to patients
  • Proper patient screening prior to requested MRI to evaluate for contraindications to imaging
  • Following ACR guidelines for use of iodinated IV contrast material to reduce the risk of contrast-induced nephropathy
  • Strategies to reduce the risk of iodinated contrast material induced allergic reactions and knowledge for the management of such reaction(s)
  • When possible, use of non-invasive imaging as an alternative to a more invasive intervention procedure
  • Adhering to protocols designed to minimize infection, bleeding and other potential risks and complications of interventional procedures
  • Minimizing use of imaging techniques requiring ionizing radiation for pregnant and pediatric patients is an excellent online resource for patients and physicians providing more detailed information specific to patient safety. For more information, please visit this RadiologyInfo Patient Safety link.