Radiology Muskegon specializes in providing advanced medical imaging services, expert imaging consultation and imaging-guided interventional procedural services to the people throughout West Michigan. Entrusted by local physicians, we are equipped with the most advanced imaging technology in West Michigan which helps us accurately diagnose and treat patients. In collaboration with Mercy Health Partners Muskegon, our medical imaging services and interventional procedural services are performed at multiple outpatient clinics and hospital locations within West Michigan providing patients greater access to advanced medical imaging.

Our radiologists continually review and revise diagnostic medical imaging and interventional procedural protocols ensuring the most appropriate imaging exam is performed to aid in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of the patient. Our radiologists also implement strategies aimed at reducing radiation dose, reducing unnecessary imaging and reducing costs incurred by the patient. We can create customized patient-specific imaging exams resulting in a faster diagnosis and providing guidance for effective treatment therapies.

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